Puzzle – 200 (LoW) (Circle Based)

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Eight friends-Riya, Rita, Disha, Diya, Teena, Gaurav, Rahul and Rajesh- are sitting around a circular table but not facing the centre. Each of them likes a different colour viz, Pink, Red, Black, Brown, Yellow, Blue, White and Green but not necessarily in the same order.

* Rajesh who likes Brown sits third to the right of Teena.

* The one who likes Blue sits second to the left of Rahul, who likes Pink.

* Disha who likes white sits between the persons who like Red and Blue colour.

* Rahul sits second to the left of Rita, who cannot sit adjacent to Teena.

* Gaurav likes Green and sits second to the right of Riya, who likes Black Color.

Solution :

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