Puzzle – 191 (LoW) (Linear RoW Based)

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Anu, Bablu, Chetan, Dheeru, Esha, Falak, Golu and Harish are seated in a straight line but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are facing south while some are facing north.

Only two people sit between Esha and Bablu. Only three people sit to the left of Esha. Esha faces south. Falak sits third to the right of Harish. Harish is an immediate neighbour of neither Esha nor Bablu. Harish does not sit at any of the extreme ends of the line. Both the immediate neighbours of Dheeru face north. Dheeru is not an immediate neighbour of Harish. Only one person sits between Dherru and Anu. Anu faces the same direction as Harish. The immediate neighbours of Bablu face opposite directions (ie if one person is facing north then the other person faces south and vice versa). Persons sitting at the extreme ends face opposite directions. Chetan faces a direction opposite to that of Dheeru.

Solution :

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