Puzzle – 167 (LoW) (Schedule Based)

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There are seven flights A, B, C, D, E, F and which take off at different times of the same day (in a.m) viz. 9.40, 10.15, 10.25, 10.30, 10.40, 11.10 and 11.15 but not necessarily in same order. Each flight departed to different cities namely Dubai, Hong Kong, Huawei, Islamabad, London, Rize and Washington. No two flights departed to same city.

– Flight C is started 5 minutes before F which goes to Huawei.

– Flight to Rize was the one before the last to take off.

– Flight A takes off 1 hour after E.

– Number of flights after F is same as the number of flights before E.

– Flight B goes to Dubai and G takes off at 10.15.

– Flight to Islamabad takes off at 10.30.

– Flight to Washington was the first to take off.

Solution :

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