Puzzle – 166 (LoW) (Circle Based)

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M, N, O, P, Q and R are sitting around a circular table. Three of them facing towards the centre while the rest faces outside the centre. Only two of them are female members while the rest are male members.

* The female member’s faces opposite direction i.e. if one female faces towards the centre then another female must face outside the centre.

* R faces outside and he is not the immediate neighbour of either N or P.

* P sits third to the left of M who is facing inside the centre.

* One of the immediate neighbours of M is a female.

* The female member’s do not sit together.

* R is to the immediate right of Q who faces outside and N is to the immediate right of O.

* N is M’s wife and P is Q’s husband.

* M sits third to the right (clock-wise) of the one who is to the immediate left of O.

Solution :

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