Puzzle – 159 (Circle + Blood Based)

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There are eight family members with four couples namely; N, O, P, Q, R, S, T and U are sitting around the round table, two of them are facing away from the center.

Only two people sit between O and R. O faces the center. S sits second to the right of O. R is the wife of N. No female is an immediate neighbor of R. P is not an immediate neighbor of O. P is the daughter of R. Both immediate neighbors of P face the center. Only three people sit between N and P’s brother. S is not the brother or husband of P. N, P and P’s brother none of them is an immediate neighbor of S. Q sits three places away from T’s husband. U, the wife of O, sits to 3rd to the right of Q. Both T and N face a direction opposite to that of P. P’s husband sits to the immediate left of T. O’s father sits to the immediate right of R. O sits second to the right of N’s father. Both the immediate neighbors of S are females. T is grandmother of O.

Solution :

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