Puzzle – 115 (LoW) (Day Based)

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(A) Six plays are to be organized from Monday to Sunday-One play each day with one day when there is no play. ‘No play’ day is not Monday or Sunday.

(B) The plays are held in sets of 3 plays each in such a way that 3 plays are held without any break ie, 3 plays are held in such a way, that there is no ‘No play’ day between them but immediately before this set or immediately after this set it is ‘No play’ day.

(C) Play Z is held on 26th and play X was held on 31st of the same month.

(D) Play B was not held immediately after play A (but was held after A, not necessarily immediately) and play M was held immediately before Q’.

(E) All the six plays were held in the same month.

Solution :

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