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NMDC Administrative Officer Syllabus 2023 @ www.nmdc.co.in:- NMDC AO Trainee Syllabus 2023 for Finance & Accounting, Materials & Procurement, Personnel & Administration is Officially released. If officials didn’t release the NMDC Administrative Officer Syllabus 2023, candidates wouldn’t know what subjects to study for the written test. All departments will take the general aptitude test, which carries 40 marks and 60 marks contain subject-specific. Throughout the exam, NMDC will use multiple-choice questions. So, candidates must study the topics according to the NMDC Administrative Officer Syllabus 2023.

NMDC Administrative Officer Syllabus 2023 Information

Name Of The BoardNMDC Limited
Post NamesAdministrative Officer Trainee (Finance & Accounts, Materials & Purchase, Personnel & Administration)
Number Of Posts42 Posts
Selection RoundsWritten Test
QualificationEngineering, PG, CA
Official Sitewww.nmdc.co.in

NMDC AOT Syllabus 2023

Administrative Officer (Materials & Purchase) Trainee

Concepts in chemistry for engineering

(i) Atomic and molecular structure

(ii) Spectroscopic techniques and applications

(iii) Intermolecular forces and potential energy surfaces

(iv) Use of free energy in chemical equilibria

(v) Periodic Properties

(vi) Stereochemistry

(vii) Organic reactions and synthesis of a drug molecule

Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory :

Module 1: Electrostatics in vacuum

Module 2: Electrostatics in a linear dielectric medium

Module 3: Magnetostatics

Module 4: Magnetostatics in a linear magnetic medium

Module 5: Faraday’s law

Module 6: Displacement current, Magnetic field due to time-dependent electric field and

Module 7: Electromagnetic waves

Introduction to Mechanics:

Module 1: Transformation of scalars and vectors under Rotation transformation; Forces in Nature; Newton’s laws and its completeness in describing particle motion; Form the invariance of Newton’s Second Law; Solving Newton’s equations of motion in polar coordinates; Problems including constraints and friction; Extension to cylindrical and spherical coordinates

Module 2: Potential energy function; F = – Grad V, equipotential surfaces and meaning of gradient; Conservative and non-conservative forces, the curl of a force field; Central forces; Conservation of Angular Momentum; Energy equation and energy diagrams; Elliptical, parabolic and hyperbolic orbits; Kepler problem; Application: Satellite maneuvers;

Module 3: Non-inertial frames of reference; Rotating coordinate system: Five-term acceleration formula.Centripetal and Coriolis accelerations; Applications: Weather systems, Foucault pendulum;

Module 4: Harmonic oscillator; Damped harmonic motion – over-damped, critically damped, and lightly-damped oscillators; Forced oscillations and resonance.

Module 5: Definition and motion of a rigid body in the plane; Rotation in the plane; Kinematics in a coordinate system rotating and translating in the plane; Angular momentum about a point of a rigid body in planar motion; Euler’s laws of motion, their independence from Newton’s laws, and their necessity in describing rigid body motion; Examples.

Module 6: Introduction to three-dimensional rigid body motion — only need to highlight the distinction from two-dimensional motion in terms of (a) Angular velocity vector, and its rate of change and (b) Moment of inertia tensor; Three-dimensional motion of a rigid body wherein all points move in a coplanar manner: e.g. Rod executing conical motion with the center of mass fixed — only need to show that this motion looks two-dimensional but is three-dimensional, and two-dimensional formulation fails.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics :

Module 1: Wave nature of particles and the Schrodinger equation

Module 2: Mathematical Preliminaries for quantum mechanics Complex numbers, Linear vector spaces,

Module 3: Applying the Schrodinger equation

Module 4: Introduction to molecular bonding

Module 5: Introduction to solids

Oscillations, waves, and optics :

Module 1: Simple harmonic motion, damped and forced simple harmonic oscillator

Module 2: Non-dispersive transverse and longitudinal waves in one dimension and
introduction to dispersion

Module 3: The propagation of light and geometric optics

Module 4: Wave optics

Module 5: Lasers

Calculus and Linear Algebra

Module 1: Calculus

Module 2: Calculus

Module 3: Sequences and series

Module 4: Multivariable Calculus (Differentiation)

Module 5: Matrices

Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations and Complex Variable Detailed contents

Module 1: Multivariable Calculus (Integration)

Module 2: First-order ordinary differential equations:

Module 3: Ordinary differential equations of higher orders:

Module 4: Complex Variable – Differentiation:

Module 5: Complex Variable – Integration:

Programming for Problem-Solving

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Engineering Graphics & Design

(i) Basic Electrical Engineering

Module 1 : DC Circuits

Module 2: AC Circuits

Module 3: Transformers

Module 4: Electrical Machines

Module 5: Power Converters

Module 6: Electrical Installations

Administrative Officer (Personnel & Administration) Trainee

  • Manpower Planning, Recruitment, and Selection
  • Employee Relations
  • Human Resource Metrics and Analytics
  • Compensation and Benefits Management
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Team Dynamics at Work
  • Strategic HRM
  • International HRM
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Understanding Self-Indian Perspective
  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Leadership

Administrative Officer (Finance & Accounts) Trainee


Note: The above provide subjects are only subjects. To get detailed topics to go through the below link.

NMDC Administrative Officer Exam Pattern 2023

Serial NumberSubjectTotal MarksType Of Questions
1General Aptitude (General Knowledge, Arithmetic Ability, Logical Reasoning Ability, and English language)40Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
2Subject Specific60
Total100 Marks
  1. The NMDC Administrative Officer exam will be held for 100 Marks
  2. The type of questions asked in the exam is Multiple Choice Type Questions
  3. The Languages for Written Test will be Hindi & English

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