Mukhyamantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana 2021 ~ Apply Online, Check List

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Mukhyamantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana 2021 Assam Apply Online, Check File Official List Status, Assam Mukhyamantri Krishi Sa Sajuli yojana 2021, reply online, check the website for file official list and its Status: The Government of Assam is going to launch a new scheme for the farmers of the state. The benefit of the scheme will be directly given to the farmers of Assam. The name of this scheme is “Mukhymantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana”. Under this scheme, the state government will provide financial help to all the farmers of Assam. With the help of this financial assistance, the farmers can buy the equipment for farming in the fields. The state government will give the benefit of the scheme to about 5 lacs farmers.

Today, we are given the full information about “Mukhyamantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana”. If you are interested to be benefited from this scheme, you have to apply online. So, you have to read the article till the end.

Short Details of Mukhymantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana 2021

The name of the scheme:Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana.
This scheme belongs To: The Assam State.
The benefit of the scheme:Will be given to all the farmers of the state.
Apply Mode for this scheme: Online.


Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana has been started by the Assam State for the Welfare of farmers. There are many schemes in Assam that have been started for the farmers. So that, they can take the benefit that is given by the government. With the help of this scheme, the f state government of Assam will give some financial farmers. The government has also announced that the benefit of the scheme will be given to around 5 lakh farmers.

We all know that the life of farmers depends on agriculture. Many times, it has been observed that the crop goes on loss. In that case, the economic condition of the farmer decrease. So, the state government has decided to give some financial help to the farmers. So that, their financial status should be maintained.

You want to take the benefit of Mukhya Mantrikrishi Sa Sajuli Yojana, then you have to make online registration, by visiting the official website of the concerned department.

Benefits of Mukhymantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana Assam

  • There are many benefits that will be given to the Farmers under this scheme. Here are some benefits, given below:-
  • More than 5 lakh farmers of the state will get the benefit of Mukhya Mantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana.
  • Under this scheme, 5000 rupees will be given to the farmers as financial help.
  • The state-level monitoring committee will supervise Mukhyamantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana 2021.
  • The state government, whenever implement this scheme, the financial assistance directly transfer to the bank account of farmers.
  • To procure farm tolls, the state government will also provide extra assistance.

Objective Krishi Pastula Scheme Assam

The main motive launch this scheme is to provide them financial help to increase the level of agriculture. The farmers can buy machinery with the help of financial helped from the government. The farmers can try new technologies in the fields. As you all know that, in modern time, technology is very high. Using this new type of machinery, the farmers can save time and also increase their income.

Animals can produce main crops in large numbers by using new technology. Government helps the farmers from time to time so that they can increase their income and as well as economic level.

Eligibility Mukhymantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana Assam

If you want to take benefit of this scheme, for going to apply online, read the eligibility criteria once. It is given below:-

  • All the farmers should be permanent citizens of the state.
  • The age of the former should be about 21 years old.
  • Applicants should be farmers for the last three years.
  • The farmers who are small and marginal are eligible for this scheme.
  • Applicant should have a 1-acre area own for cultivation.
  • The farmer should have a personal account number, that should be linked with the Aadhar card number.
  • KCC card is also a must for the candidate to apply.
  • Only one person in the family is eligible for this scheme.

Online Registration Form for Mukhyamantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana 2021

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official website of the Agriculture and Horticulture Department of Assam.
  2. On the homepage click on the, download the application form for Mukhyamantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana.
  3. After downloading it, fill the application form attach all the important documents.
  4. Now, submit the application form to the related department.
  5. The officers of the concerned department will select The Eligible candidates.
  6. If you will be selected for this yojana, the financial help directly paid to you in your Bank account.

Check Beneficial list Status of Mukhymantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana 2021

  • After the collection of all applications of Mukhymantri Krishi Sa Sajuli Yojana.
  • The list of beneficiaries will be selected by GPNDP.
  • The concerned authorities will application forms panchayat wise.
  • For the farmers who will be selected, the list will be approved by DLC.
  • The list of Beneficiaries will be sent to the agriculture director.
  • And then the beneficiaries will get financial help in their Accounts, the farmer will be given in the application forms.

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