KPOP India Contest 2021 ~ Registration Date Online Audition, Venue

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KPOP India Contest 2021 Registration Date online Audition Regional Round, K-POP India Contest Regional Round2021 KPOP India Contest 2021 Round Venue: As you, all know that nowadays people are very crazy about reality shows. Reality shows the real picture of the people on the TV. People of India love to watch reality shows and if we talk about the generation of India, they are also like to watch reality shows. In this article, we will discuss the “K-POP India contest 2021″. This is one of the best reality show that is liked by the people of India. People from all states of India the people from other countries want to participate in this reality show. If you are interested to participate in the K-POP India contest 2021.

For this, you have to make online registration under the Kpop India contest. In India, Due to lockdown, the auditions were stopped last year. But this year, this reality show is going to held from May 2021 to 15 June 2021. So, if you want to be a part of this reality show, you have to send your video of solo singing and dancing.

Categories of Contestant in K-POP India Contest 2021

If you are interested to participate in this reality show. There are two categories under Kpop India’s current test 2021. For this, you have to apply in two categories only. The categories are:-

  • Dancing
  • Singing

If you are a good singer or a good dancer. You can apply for the Kpop India contest 2021. You have to upload your video of singing and dancing on the YouTube channel as well as in the online registration form.

Online Round Selection Criteria of the KPOP India contest 2021

Due to coronavirus, individual auditions are not going to hold. So, the judges will judge you by your online performance. For selection, they set criteria to judge the contestants.

In Dance Category

  • 30% technique
  • 30% stage charisma
  • 40% choreography

In Singing Category

  • 20% stage
  • 20% pronunciation and expressions
  • 60% ability

KPOP India contest 2021, Online Registration

This year, if you are interested to participate in the KPOP India contest 2021. To be a part of this show, you have to make your online registration to participate. The procedure for online registration for addition is given below:-

  • For online registration, first of all, visit the official website of the show. One thing you have to keep in mind is the information you are entering in the registration form should be correct.
  • Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
  • Before going to registration, read the full notification and criteria of the show.
  • After this, you have to shoot a video opera singing and dancing.
  • Upload the video on YouTube and copy that video to the official website of the cape of India contest 2021.
  • The age of the participants should be from 14 years or above.
  • Citizens of India who are living abroad can also participate.
  • If you will be selected. In that case, you have to come to India to participate.

KPOP India Contest 2021 Rounds

Under this contest 2021, there will be three rounds in which the participant has to qualify. If he wants to win the KPOP India contest 2021. Information About the rounds will be given below: –
In the first round, you have to make online registration and online entry.

  • After the selection in the first round. You will be in the second round.
  • In the second round, this round is the original round. The participants who will clear the first round will be called in the second round.
  • In the finale, the eligible participant will win the show.

Audition Venue for Regional Round K-POP India Contest 2021

Kpop India contest 2021, if you will be selected in the first round that is online round, then they will call you for the second round that is the regional round. For the regional round, the official message will be sent to you and in that message, you will find the place and the name of the city, where are you have to come for the performance. So, do hard practice, to win the show.

For Regional Round, Date, and Place K-POP India Contest 2021

If you are selected in the first round, check for the original round audition. Official website. On the website, you have to select the nearest place to your city. After the selection of the city, click on the options singing and dancing audition.
The list of the places for the originals round is given below: –

K-POP India Contest 2021 06.08.2021Chennai Regional round
K-POP India Contest 2021 01.08.2021Guntur regional town
K-POP India Contest 2021 01.08.2021Nagpur regional round
K-POP India Contest 2021 08.08.2021Mumbai Regional Round
K-POP India contest 2021 06.08.2021Pune Regional Round

Instructions for Participants for Online Registration in KPOP India Contest 2021

There are some rules and regulations for the participants to participate in the KPOP India contest 2021. The participants have to follow this instruction while making online registration.

  • For online registration, the participant has to send a video of the solo performance for the entry.
  • After selection in the first round, the participant has to choose the nearest City for the regional round.
  • The video you will send for the registration has a good quality of sound and visual of dance as well as singing.
  • You have to perform the dance only on one song.
  • In all rounds, the participant will choose the song by themselves.
  • There are two categories under the KPOP India contest 2021. The participant can take part in both categories.
  • Your video of dance and singing should not be edited.

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