Daily Puzzle Questions (22-01-2020)

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SBI Clerk & RBI Assistant Prelims Targeted Puzzles

Puzzle 1

A, C, E, G, I, K, M and O are eight friends studying in three different engineering colleges – X, Y and Z in three disciplines – Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics with not less than two and not more than three in any college. Not more than three of them study in any of the three disciplines.

M studies Electrical in college Y with only I, who studies Mechanical. A and O do not study in college Z and study in the same discipline but not Electrical. E studies Mechanical in college Z with K, who studies Electrical. G studies Mechanical and does not study in the same college where E studies. C does not study Electronics.

Solution :

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Puzzle 2

Ten people are sitting in two parallel rows having five people each in such a way that there is equal distance between adjacent persons. In row- 1, A, B, C, D, E are seated (not necessarily in the same order) and all of them are facing south. In row- 2, N,R, S, T, U are seated and facing north (not necessarily in the same order). Therefore, each member in a row faces another member of the other row. Each one of them uses the mobile network like Jiyo, Aircel, Airtel, Voda, BSNL, Loop, MTNL, Idea, Telenor and Docomo but not necessarily in the same order.

The person who likes Airtel sits opposite to the person, who is sitting third to the left of T, who likes docomo. The person who likes Idea is sitting opposite of the person who likes Aircel. The person who likes Telenor sits second to the left of the person, who likes Vodafone. S likes Loop and sitting at one of the extreme ends and facing the person who likes Jiyo. C, who likes Aircel, is sitting third to the left of A. B and R face each other. U likes MTNL and sitting immediate right of BSNL. E sits second to the right of D.

Solution :

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Puzzle 3

Seven friends viz Manuj, Nimit, Gunjan, Harsh, Akshay, Shivam and Piyush, are pursuing their PhD in different subjects —Maths, History, Political Science, Chemistry, Economic, Accounts and Geography, but not necessarily in the same order. They study in three different universities, viz P, Q and S. At least two friends study in the same university.

Harsh is studying Political Science in university P. The one who is studying History is not from university S. Piyush is studying Geography in university Q with only Nimit. Manuj is not studying Economics and is not from university P. Shivam is studying Accounts and is not from university P. Akshay is studying Chemistry but not from university P. No one studies Maths or Economics in university P.

Solution :

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Puzzle 4

A person watched different sports from Monday to Saturday viz—Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Football and Shooting, but not necessarily in the same order.

He watched Football before when he watched Tennis but after when he watched Shooting. Football and Golf are watched with two day’s gap between them. Tennis is watched neither on first day nor on the last day but is watched earlier than when Badminton watched. Cricket is watched on the previous day of when Shooting is watched. Golf is watched on the next day of when Badminton is watched.

Solution :

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Puzzle 5

Seven persons M, N, O, P, Q, R and S are standing in a row. The positions from left to right are numbered 1 to 7. They all are facing north. They like different colors viz, Red, Blue, Black, White, Pink, Green and Yellow.

The 3rd person in the row likes Red color. P does not like Pink and is standing next to the person who immediately follows Q. M likes Green. The one who likes Black is standing at the sixth position. The one who likes Blue is standing to the immediate left of the one who likes Pink. S stands to the immediate right of R and to the immediate left of N. Q likes White and standing at fifth position.

Solution :

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