Daily Puzzle Questions (04-02-2020)

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SBI Clerk & RBI Assistant Prelims Targeted Puzzles

Puzzle 1

Seven persons-A, B, C, D, E, F and G buy books on different subjects-Sociology, Physics, Geography, Zoology, Botany and English. They are studying in different universities-Delhi university, Pune university, Mumbai university and AIIMS and for studying purpose they use internet services of different companies-Reliance jio, Aircel, Airtel and Vodafone.

The persons who buy sociology book use the Internet connection of same company and don’t study in same university and is neither A nor G. F uses the internet connection of Aircel. D and F are studying in same university and no one apart from them is studying there but they use internet from different companies. The only person who is studying in Pune university uses Vodafone and is neither B nor C. D doesn’t use Reliance jio. The one who buys Botony book uses Reliance jio but not A. C buys English book. One who studies from AIIMS and uses Reliance jio and is not B and also buys either Geography or Zoology book. The person who is from Delhi university doesn’t use Airtel’s Internet connection. Only one person studies in AIIMS. C doesn’t study in Mumbai university. F neither buys geography nor physics book.

Solution :

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Puzzle 2

Six lecturers – Bhavesh, Atul, Sumit, Akshay, Kartik and Mohan will visit a college from 18th September to 24th September to give lectures but not necessarily in the same order. There is a Sunday in between and no visit is scheduled on Sunday. Each of the lectures has different time duration: 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins, 75 mins, 100 mins and 120 mins, again not necessarily in the same order.

24th September is not sunday and lecture of 30 mins is scheduled on that day. Bhavesh’s lecture is for less than 60 mins and is scheduled immediately before Kartik’s lecture. There are two lectures scheduled between Mohan’s lecture which is for 120 mins and Sumit’s lecture which is for 60 mins. Kartik’s lecture is before Sunday and there are two days between Sunday and Bhavesh’s lecture. Akshay’s lecture which is for 75 mins is not scheduled on 18th September. The lecture scheduled on Saturday is of 120 mins.

Solution :

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Puzzle 3

Eight friends-A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H from eight different countries-India, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Uruguay and Brazil have met after a long time. So they decided to go for a fine dinner and are sitting around a circular table.

C, who is neither from Spain nor from Germany, is two places to the left of one from Brazil. B, who is from Argentina is sitting directly opposite to the one from India. F and the one from Spain are the immediate neighbors of E. D who is from neither Spain nor France is not sitting adjacent to H but adjacent to the one from Germany. A who is neither from Brazil nor from Spain is sitting opposite to the one from Germany. The one who is from Portugal sits three places to the right of one from France.

Solution :

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Puzzle 4

Eight friends – Priya, Sonakshi, Vinita, Radhika, Medhavi, Shweta, Ruhani and Kanika are sitting around a circular table. Four of them are facing towards the centre and rest people are facing away from the centre. All of them like a different movie, viz. Befikre, Bajirao, Dilwale, Raees, Kaabil, Shivaay, Dangal and Dear Zindagi, but not necessarily in the same order.

Medhavi faces towards the centre and likes Befikre. Both the immediate neighbours of Medhavi face away from the centre and like Dilwale or Raees. Radhika faces away from the centre. Both the immediate neighbours of Radhika do not face away from the centre. Medhavi sits third to the right of Shweta, who likes Kaabil and faces away from the centre. Vinita sits third to the left of Shweta. The one who likes Dilwale sits opposits of Shweta. The one who likes Bajirao is not the immediate neighbour of Shweta and faces away from the centre. Priya sits second to the left of Vinita and does not like Dangal or Dear Zindagi. The one who likes Dangal sits between Kanika and Shweta. Sonakshi faces away from the centre and does not like Bajirao.

Solution :

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Puzzle 5

In a garden, benches were placed in a hexagonal pattern. Each bench could accommodate only one person . All the benches forming the edges of the hexagon are equidistant from each other. Six persons –Rahul, Rehan, Reham, Rihan, Rahim, Rohan come for a picnic to the garden and get themselves seated on each chair of the hexagon for a photograph.

Rohan is in the middle of Rahul and Rihan. Rahul is not adjacent to Rihan and Reham. Rahim is not adjacent to Rehan and Rihan. Rehan and Rihan are adjacent to each other. Each of the six persons saw under their benches and found a gift bag containing six different things- chocolate, cake, Candy, Books, ice cream and cards. The person sitting between Rohan and Rahim got ice-cream. The person facing Rohan got Cakes.The person facing Rahul got books and the person facing Rihan got candy.

Solution :

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