Daily Puzzle Questions (06-05-2020)

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Here you will get 2 to 5 Puzzle Questions from Monday to Friday. Daily Visit PuzzlesHuB to solve these puzzle questions on a daily basis to improve your score in the reasoning section. All the Puzzles provided here are good quality puzzles and based on the real exam level. If you like these puzzles & want us to continue to provide you quality puzzles, please share our website with all your Aspirants friends.

Daily Puzzle Questions In English Practice Sets :

Pre Level Puzzle :

A, B, C, D, E and F live on different floors in the same building having six floors numbered one to six (the ground floor is numbered 1, the floor above it, number 2 and so on and the topmost floor is numbered 6).

A lives on an even numbered floor. There are two floors between the floors on which D and F live. F lives on a floor above D’s floor. D does not live on floor number 2. B does not live on an odd numbered floor. C does not live on any of the floors below F’s floor. E does not live on a floor immediately above or immediately below the floor on which B lives.

Solution :

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Mains Level Puzzle :

There are eight students M, N, O, P, Q, R, T, and S in a class. They live on 8 different floors of a building. Lowermost floor is numbered 1 and topmost floor is numbered 8. All the floors painted with different colors i.e. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Pink, Brown, and Black (but not necessarily in the same order).

There are two people live between R and N. R lives on a floor which is painted as pink colour. Floor 2 is painted as black colour. P lives just above the floor which is painted as white colour but lives on an even numbered floor. Q’s floor is painted as brown colour but doesn’t live on even numbered floor. R lives on odd numbered floor. There are only two people live between N and the floor which is painted as yellow colour. T doesn’t live on lowermost floor and even numbered floor. P’s floor is not painted as red and green colour. As many persons sit between P and M as sit between Q and T. P doesn’t live above R.

Solution :

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